Clothiers Manufacturers Association of India - CMAI


The Indian apparel industry has exponentially grown in last decade and their substantial evolution narrates their speedy growth towards being a organized sector. It could have been only possible because of efficient planning, regulatory guidance and strategic market proliferation.

Supporting this alarming need of balancing fast fashion, design innovation and commercial success, we are privileged to have the guidance from the business stalwarts and pioneer members from Industrial bodies like Clothing Manufacturing Association of India.

Around the year CMAI, has been actively organising array of opportunities for emerging designers to experiment and understand global markets. They responsibly formulate updated policies and organise interactive seminars and events, which provides an open platform for such generation next talent to strategies their growth and expand their long term goals.

Their close association has immensely helped the alumni talent to experience the fruit of benefits with their designer –friendly policies and opportunities to explore and expand their Brand's credibility.

CMAI assist young entrepreneurs to break through the booming retail scene and encourage them to be an active member and participate in their prestigious Bi-annual national Trade fair to branch in varied avenues.

We take this immense privilege celebrating this glorious association with dignified body like CMAI. We express heartiest gratitude for all their co-operation and backbone support.

Confederation of Indian Apparel Exporters - C.I.A.E.


B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology has emerged as an epicentre of design, cultivating fresh new design wizards of new wave fashion. Traditionalist at heart and post modern in approach, we equipped our enthusiastic young creators with a path of vision supported with technical understanding.

And, it's a matter of great delight and esteem honor to have institutional bodies like C.I.A.E. supporting & guiding us in exploring international avenues and understand global markets.

Around the year, C.I.A.E organizes array of activities ranging from insightful events, seminars and interactive meetings for emerging talents to explore & expand both globally and domestically. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to C.I.A.E - for their inspirational guiding force towards our institute's multi-fold growth.

Textile Committee

Textile Comittee

Textile understanding forms the prime foundation of our dynamic apparel universe. It's aptly defined as the soul of any crafted ensemble and we at B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology have always felicitated this approach of building concept from fibre to fashion.

Thus, having an in-depth understanding and knowledge about fabric technology, quality control norms, textile innovation, etc is crucial to any clothing constructor. And, we are delighted to provide such access and professional guidance with the generous support of esteem body like Textile committee. B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology is extremely fortunate to have Textile Committee on board as our guiding force to excel in textile science.

We take this opportunity to personally extend our gratitude and thank every member of textile committee for educating us with international standards, textile regulations, innovative developments, etc.



The science of Colour & the Art of design together collaborates to create a winning visual delight. Society of Dyer and Colourist has been power house of deciphering, analyzing and studying such secrets of the colour dynasty. Their in-depth research reflects the linkage of colour semiotics and advance chemistry.

SDC generously share this spectrum of knowledge through interactive training programs, educational seminars, industrial visits, panel discussions, etc enlightening the future designers about impact and importance of colors. It's a great honour to be closely associated with such prestigious body supporting our emerging talent to excel with vibrant colours.

World Ex

Under our "Fashion Forever" Alumni initiative, we at B. D. Somani support and encourage our successful alumni talent to launch their debut label at international design platform like the prestigious Hong Kong fashion world boutique, exclusively under 'International Desi' Pavilion.

We personally thank every member of World Ex team for initiating and guiding us breaking through the global fashion scenario and establish our self as one of Asia's prime most design institute. Also, their expert consultancy has equipped our budding designers to launch their international expansion with quintessential desi flare!

lace n lingerie

Lace n Lingerie

Lace n lingerie - India's premium Lingerie magazine dedicated to high end intimate apparel styles have always been a supportive force, encouraging us to perform towards excellency.

B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology is privileged to have this constant guidance from such pioneers, who assist us to expose our emerging designers to such niche potential markets, understand the design process, market demands and technical know-hows.

Thanking them for their invaluable support in contributing high-end experience for our students and exploring new avenues of design and fashion.

Inner secret

Inner Secret

Over the past successful years, Inner secret has evolved into an exclusive intimate apparel industry bible. They have been playing a role of integral catalyst in the emergence of this niche lingerie sector.

As a premium Lingerie journal, every edition is power packed with recent updates, design innovation, fashion & trend forecast along with insights and experts views on issues of this multiplying niche business segment.

B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology takes the pride and honor to cherish their valuable support and esteem guidance in exploring various target segments and potential design genres. On this occasion, we would express our deepest regards towards Yusuf Dohadwala, founder and Publisher of Inner secrets and his dexterous enthusiastic team. Its privilege to have them sponsor our annual "Best lingerie designer of the year" every year and motivate young talent to innovative and create stylish innerwear. We wish them multi-fold success and full support in their movement of reforming the intimate fashion industry.