Fashion Technology – Faculty
Faculty at the Fashion Department comprises of highly qualified professionals who much
more than that merely impart knowledge they create bonds and eventually become Mentors
Head of Department Ms. Raju  Bhatia

Advisory Board - C.I.A.E.

Member Local Committee - ATDC
Member Mentor Board- Hakoba
Member The Society of Dyers & Colourists, Mumbai, India.
Member Steering Committee - Consortium of Green Fashion.
Fashion Ms. Reema Varde
Pattern Drafting Ms. Shilpa Shrivastav
Subject Incharge
Fashion Designing Ms. Raju Bhatia (H.O.D),
Apparel Manufacturing Ms. Bharati Rathod / Ms. Pratiksha Parkar
Pattern  Drafting Ms. Shilpa Shrivastav / Ms. Harbhajan Arora
Computer Aided Design Mr.  Surendra Rao (Consultant)
Senior Faculty
Fashion Designing Ms. Reema S., Ms. Reema V., Ms. Aarti S., Ms. Monali A.,
Fashion Illustration Mr. Mahendra Y., Mr. Jayesh S.
Apparel Manufacturing Ms. Jyotsna R., Mr. Mohammed S.
Computer Aided Design Mr. Sunilkumar G., Ms. Janhavee S.,
Fashion Illustration Mr. Shashi K.
Computer Aided Dsgn. Mr. Swapnil P.
Fashion Designing Mrs. Anusuya Bhattacharjee, Ms. Daksha Patel, Ms. Shilpa Chaurasia
Visiting Faculty
Fashion Designing / Styling Mr. Aniket Satam
Computer Aided Dsgn. Ms. Pravin Thakur, Mr. Sandesh Walapkar
Marketing & Retail Mngmt. Ms. Sharmila Mukherjee
Merchandising Ms. Meher Minbattiwalla
Textiles Ms. Bhamini Subramaniam, Mr. Amar Datta
Accessory Designing Ms. Sangeeta Chudiwala
Textiles & Fabric Testing Mr. Murlidhar
Exports Mr. Ajit Shah
Fashion Photography Mr. Vaibhav Nissar
Finance Mngmt. Mr. Prateek Kapoor
Communication Skills Mr. Hugo D’souza
Comm. Skills in English Ms. Sahedeva
Visual Merchandising

Ms. Sharmila Mukherjee

Entrepreneurship Development Ms. Purva Shah
Office Staff
Office Manager Mr. Bapu Patil
Office Assistant Mr. Sunny Pawar
Librarian Ms. Ikwal Kaur