Pearson BTEC Level 4 HNC Diploma in Fashion & Textiles (QCF)
No. Unit Title Credits Level
1 Visual Communication in Art and Design 15 4
2 Ideas Generation & Development in Art & Design 15 4
3 Contextual & Cultural Referencing in Art & Design 15 4
4 Professional Practice in Art and Design 15 5
5 Design Application in Textiles 15 4
6 Pattern Drafting in Fashion 15 5
7 Garment Manufacture 15 5
8 Drawing Techniques & Processes in Art & Design 15 4
9 Design Application in Fashion 15 4
Total Credits 135
Summary of Grades:
In order to achieve a pass in a unit. All learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria have been met.
In order to achieve a merit in a unit. Pass requirements achieved. All merit grade descriptors achieved.
In order to achieve a distinction in a unit. Pass and merit requirements achieved. All distinction grade descriptors achieved.
You must achieve at least a minimum of 120 credits to successfully complete the programme.
MODULES COVERED (in all the courses) :
Fashion Designing
Fashion History
Textiles 'n' Textures
Colour Study
Embroidery Designing
Fashion Drawing
Pattern Drafting
Garment Manufacturing
Sampling and Product Development
Visual Merchandising
Quality Management and Cost Accounting
Marketing Fundamentals
Advertising / Branding
Retailing - Fundamentals
Supply Chain Management
Trends Forecasting
Import / Export
Finance Management
Digital Applications
Project Studies
Workshops and Field Visits
Participation in the Annual Fashion Show


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