‘Fashion For A Cause’

While creating newer fashion each day with their inspired imaginations, this creative bunch is out to give back something to the Society.

B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology takes the privilege to be associated with the consortium for Green Fashion as an esteemed member of the steering committee, establishing a leading interactive platform for exchange of ideas, technology and sustainable practices of greener fashion future

Under the banner of "Fashion For a Cause"
B.D.SOMANI goes GO GREEN, an initaiative supported by C.M.A.I,

is an initiative to RECYCLE Textile Wastage & Export Surplus Shirts & converting them into kids wear for the underprivileged (Salam Balak).


In this dynamic fashion universe, we as a design school consciously focus on inculcating sustainable approaches in every individual at every level. From smallest of boutique shops, faceless tailoring units to big industrial factories and textile manufacturers. we collect season old swatches, post production waste, surplus exports to manufacture one of a kind kids apparel for the underprivileged children.

Witnessing our effort of love, this social initiative is being supported by the prestigious C.M.A.I. (Clothing Manufacturers Association of India). Apart from local orphanages, we are associated with Salaam Balak Foundation - New Delhi through C.M.A.I., in sharing this spirit of Recycling Happiness and the passion of gifting.
Fashion Cause
Fashion Cause